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*sticky* Resources for art [13 Mar 2015|11:19pm]
Made this into a way-future-dated post so that it stays at the top for those who are interested in resources, and put it behind an lj-cut for those who aren't. :)

Resources for Art )

More may join this list as I run across them.

And what they don't tell you about the automatic name change is that in lists like this, where you've alphabetized, you're going to have to mess around with things. Grumblegrumble...


updated 3/28/07
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*sticky* Icon Contest Awards [02 Feb 2015|02:06pm]
Since it seems there are getting to be quite a few of these, I've moved them out of my userinfo and put them on a sticky so I can just go back and update as I go, without having to subject folks who look at the userinfo to the scroll-of-doom...


stargate_still community )

stargatehush community )

atlantisfaceoff community )

sga_episodic_ch )

sga_ships community )

sgslash_itest community )

babylon5contest community )

barrowman_chllg community )

dw_stillness community )

eccle_stills community )

eccleston_chllg community )

farscapecontest community )

hans_stills community )

hp__ichallenge community )

hp_awards community )

lost_stillness community )

mythical_stills community )

narnia_icontest )

narnia_stills community )

obsessiveicons community )

sly_stillness community )

super_icontest community )

super_stillness community )

tardis_icons community )

torchwood_chllg community )

wizard_icontest community )

Non-Vote/Completion Banners

icon_alphabet community )

icons100 community )

i_narnia community )


Updated 1/6/07
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Bwuh? [07 Jun 2012|10:25am]
[ mood | busy ]

Haven't been here for a bit, but I got a 'your journal is going to be deleted' message, so I figured I should post. Hi!

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*sticky* <lj user [19 Oct 2007|01:53pm]
Let's see if I can keep from breaking my own layout...

John Sheppard )

ETA: I'm letting my claim on John go for now -- hopefully will come back to it later when I have more time and energy to write more wingy!John stories. If I write them before I take my claim back, I might continue linking them here, and then update the whole thing when I get the claim. But for now, it's not fair to keep other folks from being able to write him.

Tom Riddle )

updated 4/25/07
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Not-so-big Damn Table - <lj user [19 Oct 2007|11:31am]
I tried... I really did. But... I can't escape it!!

wtf27 table )
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Everything old is new again (LJ) [22 Aug 2007|11:40am]
[ mood | shocked ]

First, GIP. This was my text icon for the final challenge in heroic_lims. I was the runner up, which is okay with me because that's the highest I've ever placed in a lims before, and the person I was up against makes fantastic icons! (even if I liked my text one better...)

ANYway. I thought I couldn't be shocked by LJ/6A at this point, but obviously I was wrong. Someone on the lj_biz post linked to this, and I am having a serious case of deja vu. ALL of these entries listed in the Top Stories sidebar are from 2006! WTF, dude?!

And yikes! Seriously, LJ's abuse team really, really needs to get its act together...

ETA: In the SUP-controlled parts of LJ, you can send Grenades and poison (and a wall that says 'kill yourself', among other things) as v-gifts. Part of me is cracking up at the very thought, and the rest of me is horrified...

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Testing Semagic at home [22 Aug 2007|02:12am]
[ mood | exanimate ]

Okay, this is a test. If you guys can read this on any/all journals, can you let me know? :O

There'll be another one of these tomorrow from work, methinks...

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Aaaand once again... [10 Aug 2007|02:33pm]
There's an interesting article in the New York Times about online obscenity...

Wonderful comments in the [info]lj_biz post here and continued below it because of length. If they would just listen to people who have such reasoned and helpful suggestions, they'd be doing so much better...

43 pages on the second to last [info]lj_biz post, because the initial one where they asked for our feedback filled up um... the day after it was posted. (Posted 6:44pm (Pacific time) on August 7; last comment 1:52pm (Eastern time) on August 8 (I know this was the last one, because I tried to comment after it and it said it had maxxed out). There are a few after that but that's because someone was going around deleting comments and that freed up some slots for additional ones. The second post has 4362 comments at the moment, and I think the only reason it isn't maxxed out, too, is that we're trying to avoid things like cat macros and other frivolity and post serious comments, and most of the serious comments have already been said at this point. All that's left is waiting for someone to actually address them. *sigh*

[info]oulangi has a good post on Journalfen Concerns with what is probably the best quote regarding LJ/6A since that Slashdot article: "At this point I think LJ bought all the surplus stupid they could lay their hands on and are planning the IPO in order to raise funds and run out to buy more stupid."

And: BBB complaint )
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Just a quickie for now [10 Aug 2007|10:23am]
Doesn't look like there's too much new news, probably courtesy of LJ not saying any frakking thing and the commenters having said just about everything they possibly can that's reasoned and polite.

But, there is this from the middle of the not-quite-yet maxxed out [info]lj_biz post preceeding the one that asked for our feedback: which is excerpted from this.

[info]twocorpses has made a community for Scribblit ([info]scribblit) which is a place for people who want to help out with the project but didn't get in on the beta testing, people who are interested in knowing what's happening, and people who want to send suggestions. She will still be posting updates on her LJ, but I'd suggest if you're truly interested in the project to join the new comm, too.
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Weather Geekery with a side of snigger [10 Aug 2007|10:17am]
Um. Oops! Y'know, that Y2K bug keeps popping up in the damnedest places...

Apparently 1998 is no longer the hottest year on record...

(Warning, the comments on this article are swinging into wank re: pro- and anti-global warming crap, and the OP has a bit of an anti-global warming stance, but still, the news is amusing/interesting.)
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MOAR links, and a question [09 Aug 2007|03:20pm]
Aaaand the next round:

IJ and Google Ads -- still sounds like IJ is the best currently existing alternative. Squeaky has upped the number of friends people can have, and will side with IJ users/members over Google if Google comes complaining about content. This kind of thing makes me so happy it's ridiculous. An actual clear and concise answer from someone in charge of a journaling site! LJ, are you watching? You might want to buy a clue!

[info]violet_quill has asked LJ Support whether posting a link -- i.e. not an img src, but an actual text URL -- to 'prohibited' material hosted offsite is also a bannable offense. Apparently, it is. (Although they do at least allow the exception of a site that did not have 'prohibited' material and was hacked to add it...)

This actually directly contradicts things that are stated in the abuse policy, where they state "...we can't address any content which resides off of LiveJournal as, quite frankly, it's none of our business what occurs off our servers." *sigh* There we go with the contradictory information again.

And then there's this: In Soviet US, YouTube watches you... So. Um. Be careful what you put there, folks.

(Dare I hope this might actually lead to more people using places like MU, RS & YSI again?)

And, I have to wonder about this. I don't write underage slash. BUT, I was contemplating a follow-on fic to the Heroes episode "Five Years Gone" where the survivors go after [spoiler, highlight to read] Sylar. Who is, you know, [spoiler, highlight to read] the President of the US. So. If I write a fictional account of fictional characters plotting his fictional demise, am I setting myself up for bannination?

ETA: A post which details all of the contradictory statements made by 6A/LJ. Huge amount of work here!
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Two more links [09 Aug 2007|09:52am]
[info]bubble_blunder has edited the open letter to take into account the latest [info]lj_biz post, and it is up here for reading and new signatures. I think she's done a fantastic job with this, and I really, really hope they'll read this and pay attention to it.

And this article is priceless! Not entirely happy with the author's characterization of the fanart and artists, but read this:

ETA: SHOCKING security blunder on LJ/6A's part -- apparently it's true, if you have cookies in your browser from viewing f-locked pages and you're suspended/deleted, you can still read those f-locked pages! So... how does suspending/deleting true lawbreakers help anyone?
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More excellent posts! [09 Aug 2007|01:25am]
Take a look at this one -- it includes some very good advice on how we might finally be able to make 6A/LJ sit up and take notice. I plan to file a complaint in the morning, when I'm conscious and can think in a straight line.

ETA: More very sensible advice:
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SUPER important link for US fans [08 Aug 2007|11:09pm]
Apparently, they're trying to change the copyright laws to make penalties for breaking them ridiculously draconian. PLEASE go to the EFF and send a letter to your lawmakers protesting this.

Not only does this measure make it possible that you could get jailtime for copyright infringement, it also would use taxpayer money to go after people for it. Don't the motion picture and recording industry already have enough money to pay their own lawyers? There are much better uses for taxpayer dollars...
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Another link [08 Aug 2007|06:29pm]
I'm about to go home in the 100F heat here, but here's a very interesting post regarding statements made by the LJ staff in the most recent [info]lj_biz "clarification" post.

One of them mentions the possibility of a 'rating' flag on every post one makes. I'm... SO not comfortable with that... (And I believe the MPAA frowns on people using their ratings to begin with (not that we've stopped), which means LJ would have to come up with their own ratings system...) Oy.

ETA: Notice in my tag cloud, the tag "bitching" is now the largest one? And "LJ" is creeping up there, too...
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Update on the updates [08 Aug 2007|11:18am]
Well, by now you may have seen the post in [info]lj_biz -- or not, since it's in [info]lj_biz and not in the [info]news where it should be.

Supposedly they clarified things.

In reality, it's one big mass of fail. They're back to the "child porn" aspect, but they're linking to a legal definition that specifically states that "This definition does not apply to depictions that are drawings, cartoons, sculptures, or paintings depicting minors or adults."

Many things are not addressed, and as I'm sure you can guess, the comments are flying fast and furious. Especially furious.

Some interesting links:

Ripoff Report -- unofficial, but pretty cool! And exactly what I've been complaining about ever since I found that article yesterday.

Banned users still have access to locked posts until their cookies expire?

Obviously, they're using a different definition of "harm" -- The TOS states that they do not allow content that harms minors in any way, and that they do not allow content that causes physical harm or injury to a group or individual. So... got to protect those fictional (not) underage characters, but it's okay to post ways to starve yourself to death?

ETA: Fantastic post by the mod of [info]pornish_pixies in an attempt to get clarifications. She's trying to look out for her comm's members and get guidelines, and they have failed to give her any answers at all.
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Oh. My. Gods. [07 Aug 2007|01:53pm]
Okay, the person who made this wins the internetz. Everyone else can just pack up and go home.

The Master Dance -- like the Hamster Dance, but... not. :D
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And now, for something completely different... [07 Aug 2007|01:39pm]
...a man with three buttocks!

Oh. Wait... that's not it.

Yes, it's a post that has nothing to do with the current LJ debacle! Woo!

I'm up to the final round of [info]heroic_lims -- this is the highest I've ever been in a LIMS before, and I'm kind of wibbly about it. I'm feeling really confident about one of the three icons I have to make (am working on the second one now and then have to tackle the third), and I'm worried because usually when I like one of my icons, other people don't...

It would be amazing if I win, but I'm seriously thrilled to make it this far. I guess I'm just shocked that the icon I feel good about is a text icon, and normally my text icons are... mediocre.

So this is me, wibbling.
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An open letter to Livejournal.and SixApart [07 Aug 2007|01:22pm]
This is excellent work -- it needs a bit of tweaking here and there, but it addresses the things that are truly wrong with the whole mess (most notably the lack of any concrete guidelines so we can know what's allowed and what isn't before finding out the hard way, and the lack of communication/customer service):

Also noted that somewhere in the pages of 'signing up!' comments there was a response from someone who might be a LJ/6A employee. I'll edit this with a direct link when I find it, but it looked like he was saying they are working on a statement:

ETA: And my freakishly visual memory comes through yet again:
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Whoa... More off-LJ links [07 Aug 2007|10:12am]
In following links from the CNet article, I found the following:

Stigmatizing your own customer base (which, while I know we're not a HUGE part of their customer base, is still something they should not do. It's bad business practice if nothing else.

Lack of artistic merit Which has a paragraph that is very, very interesting. Does anyone out there know if it's true? (Copied/Pasted under the cut, in case the link goes funny; emphasis mine.)

O RLY? )

BUT, even more fascinating is where the link in that article goes to -- this article on ComputerWorld: Contracts can't be changed online without notice, court rules.

SO. Any chance of a class-action lawsuit against 6A/LJ?
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