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Lupin (TV Show), Part Deux, and an audio series [11 Jun 2021|06:50pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

The next five episodes of Lupin are up on Netflix, and it maintains its charm. I have some nitpicks - just how naive is Juliette supposed to be?, for example , - but in general I'm swimming on a wave of fannish good will due to still being ridiculously swept away by the escaping and trap laying and day-saving. (At one point, I frowned and mumbled "but the resstaurant owner and the moped driver!" and then this was explained/fixed, too.) Also, thank you, location guys, for giving us a tour through the Parisian catacombs this time around, I never had the chance when being there.

Speaking of catacombs, I'm also listening to a series of audio plays produced by the BBC, the first few of which are based on Suetonius' "The Twelve Caesars", and while the rest - taking place past Sueton's life time - are evidently based on other basic material, but all deal with various Roman Emperors. With the exception of the first one, which is set in the late republic, focuses on Cicero, Caesar and Cato, and is called "Meeting at Formae". (Anton Lesser: Cicero; David Throughton: Caesar). One nice surprise was that this episode co-stars Cicero's daughter Tullia and Caesar's daughter Julia, neither of whom gets much attention in the historical fiction starring their fathers that I've rad so far. (Otoh, Cato most bewildering says at one point he doesn't have a daughter - what's married-to-Brutus Portia, chopped liver? Scriptwriter, just because Rome never mentioned her doesn't mean you don't have to follow suit.) I was especially intrigued that this Julia is presented as aware her father and her husband might fight sooner than later ("I am the daughter and wife of Civil War"), since the very few fictional versions of this Julia (more fortunate than later Julias of this family, but no less doomed) I did encounter basically have her as an innocent lamb who has no idea and dies believing Pompey and Dad will remain allies), and in general having her own opinions on the current state of affairs, which aren't the ones of either man. Though she is only a supporting character, and the spotlight remains firmly on the three men; the whole story is presented as Cicero, after Caesar's death, flashing back to said meeting he arranged as a last attempt to avoid civil war and the end of the republic. The episode does use a lot of Sueton's chatty anecdote-rich rendition of Caesar's life (trying to cover up baldness by combing his hair forward, check; Cato quotes the "every woman's man and every man's woman" taunt, and there's angry reminiscing about a certain incident during the Catilina Conspiracy aftermath), and I thought the basic idea of the meeting was well executed. This entry was originally posted at https://selenak.dreamwidth.org/1447459.html. Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Sandman bits and pieces [10 Jun 2021|07:19pm]

[ mood | calm ]

All the casting news about a Netflix version of The Sandman sound promising so far. Incidentally, I liked last year's audio version of the first four collections a lot, though they reminded me again that the series starts with far more overt horror than it would have later on, and that "Passengers" and "24 Hours" in particular are among the most disturbing, vicious stories I know. I had never reread them after the initial reading and listening to the audio in 2020 reminded me why. Now, the audio version kept the time frame from the comics - i.e. Morpheus gets out of Wych Cross in the 1980s - whereas I've heard the tv version will move the "present day" time frame to the actual present. This immediately made me wonder about two characters and their storylines in particular, because of the normal human life span, to wit: Unity Kinkaid and Alexander Burgess. The annoucement I linked above does include Unity, and okay, seems she gets even older than in the comics. But there's no Alex Burgess yet, and I was afraid of that.

Spoilery musings why I'm sorry about this )

On the other hand, the news that a) Johanna Constantine will be played by Jenna Coleman, and b) something slightly spoilery from the casting announcement ). And I'm very intrigued by the slight change revealed by how the casting of Lyta Hall is described. (BTW, Lyta also hardly shows up in what fanfic is at the AO3, and the story written by yours truly over a decade ago still seems to be the only longer one where she plays a prominent role - here, too, I hope for new stories caused by tv.) Spoilery casting description cut. )

Going through old and more recent Sandman fanfiction and dipping in and out of canon also reminded me of what a marvellous example of one of my favourite tropes (if done well) the Endless are - to wit, dysfunctional siblings. Can't wait to see the bickering played out on screen! This entry was originally posted at https://selenak.dreamwidth.org/1447171.html. Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Farscape Rewatch: What was lost: Resurrection (2) [06 Jun 2021|10:02am]

[ mood | calm ]

Wik summary: After escaping Grayza, Crichton helps D'Argo and Sikozu plan an escape from the Peacekeepers before the planet becomes too hostile for any life.

Skernac! )

The other days This entry was originally posted at https://selenak.dreamwidth.org/1446982.html. Comment there or here, as you wish.

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Ragnarok S1 and 2 (Review [04 Jun 2021|06:54pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

A Norwegian-language series, consisting of two seasons so far, produced by a Danish company, with Adam Price (creator of Borgen) as executive producer, up at Netflix. I'm tempted to nickname it Norse Mythology: The High School AU.

I liked the first season better than the second; each consists of six episodes, is set in the fictional Norwegian town of Edda, in the current day (minus global pandemic). One of the reasons why I prefer the first season is that a) it found some clever current day equivalents of the Norse myth tropes, and b) it actually went back to the mythology, not the Marvel version (with one big exception, about which more in the moment). The second season, otoh, leaned too much into the family soap opera at the expense of the themes and Marvel-ized one of the characters, at least imo, but it was stll entertainingly done.

Basic premise: teenage Magne, his brother Laurits and their mother Turid move back to the town of Edda, which they left when the kids were still very young. Magne has a chance encounter with a mysterious one-eyed man and a magical old lady right at the start and before you can say "Thor" starts to display increased physical strength and an affinity to the weather. He's also dyslexic and socially awkward, which isn't cured by said new powers, and this particular update on Thor is one of the clever things the series does - Magne isn't stupid, but he has a genuine problem (which he's learned to work with, not least due to modern technology, but it won't go away), and sometimes it puts him at a severe disadvantage.

The town is inofficially ruled by the Jutuls, the fifth richest family in Norway, whose factories and corruption directly contribute to the climate change and industrial pollution (not just) Edda is suffering from, but against which no one is willing to do anything, since most of the local jobs are depending on the the Jutuls, who are, of course, in reality four Jötner (giants) posing as a family. Again, this update on the Thor vs Giants conflict and on the Giants in general was something I found really smart - this way, their willingness to bring about the end of the world - the Ragnarök of the title - not only is deeply relevant but doesn't need big artificial MacGuffins. (It also hails from no deeper motives that greed and selfishness enhanced by immortality, i.e. very human traits, except for the immortality, hardly unique to Giants. There isn't a big plot to destroy the world. They just don't care that they'll do it, considering they themselves will survive.)

On the downside, even in s1: spoiler to follow )

Back again to the good points: spoiler cut just in case )

I have mixed emotions about: Spoilers )

Lastly: this series being actually filmed in Norway, the landscape is gorgeous and at the same time shows the increasing damage.

All in all: willl probably watch further if there's a third season, but also won't be heartbroken if there is not. This entry was originally posted at https://selenak.dreamwidth.org/1446902.html. Comment there or here, as you wish.

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